Company Profile

Aerated Concrete Insulation Ltd. better known as ‘ACI’ are in continuous development of different densities of lightweight cellular concrete for various applications. Our first use of lightweight cellular concrete screed at a density of 400Kg/m3 is for roof insulation with very impressive and effective results in thermal, soundproof, and light-weightiness. Our second use of the same density of lightweight cellular concrete is for floor screed as a filler under floor tiles. In both cases, ACI is proudly substituting the valueless and heavy weighing ‘torba’, at around 1100kg/m3 with lightweight cellular concrete screed at a density of 400Kg/m3.

demonstration to students

Apart from consciously producing screeds which are Eco-friendly, energy saving and help to create homes which offer a wellbeing atmosphere; ACI also strives to offer an opportunity to students in the architectural sector to come forward with innovative concepts for the use of ACI lightweight cellular concrete.