ACI Ltd. produces various dimensions of ACI Blocks, for specific use.

CLC Properties:

Cellular Lightweight Concrete is the only product to provide multiple beneficial properties:


Cellular concrete ACI Blocks benefit all types of construction projects. Compared to other alternative products in the market, ACI blocks have low weight, are less expensive and yet offer better performance.

ACI Blocks are easy to use and can be installed with standard mortar and plaster akin to conventional concrete bricks. ACI Blocks are very easy to lay since it uses the same installation method and materials commonly used by the industry — just like typical hollow concrete bricks.

  • The thermal insulation properties keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter, at a lower cost.
  • The sound insulation properties create a quiet and private environment.
  • The high resistance to fire makes your house safe.
Cellular lightweight concrete is extremely strong and durable too. From an environment-friendly perspective, every cellular concrete ACI Block is green and can stand up to any type of environmental scrutiny, as it is recyclable.