Our Brands:

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ACI Ltd is always on the lookout for innovative products within the construction industry. Since we are also producers we are more than committed to bringing the best and unique additives for all those who are in the cement industry.

Tekna Chem: Large product range for the concrete industry. Concrete additives, liquid membrane, concrete cleaning & releasing products and much more.
IGLU`: The Original and only product that can truly eliminate rising damp and humidity within our buildings.
U-Boot Beton: The Original product for the realisation of lightened structures in reinforced concrete cast at the work-site; saving in concrete and iron strengthening.
Stiferite: The product for those who are looking for the best high performance insulation panels/boards with Thermal Conductivity of λD=0,023 W/mK.

Email us or further details on our full list of imported products.