ACI Ltd. provides various densities of ACI Screed for specific uses.

CLC Properties:

Cellular Lightweight Concrete is the only product to provide multiple beneficial properties:


roof screed

Cellular concrete ACI screed benefit all types of construction projects. Compared to other alternative products in the market, ACI screed technology allows the reduction of the gross density of concrete from 2,400 Kg/m3, at a considerably competitive price. Cellular concrete is being used in a wide variety of applications because of its unique properties. Some of the most common applications are:

  • Thermal Insulation e.g. Under-floor Heating, Insulated Roof and Floor Decks, Underground Pipe Insulation,
  • Void Filling for Abandoned Tanks, Tunnel Backfill, Replacement for Unstable Soils,
  • Load Reducing Engineered Fill over Underground Structures,
  • Shock Energy Absorption Construction e.g. Crash barriers,
  • Sound Absorption for Partition Walls,
  • Acoustic Floor Underlayment,
  • Firewalls, Precast Slabs and Panels,
  • Construction of Marine Floating Structures.